Sunday, February 14, 2016
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APEContrary to what many people think, Arnold Palmer and his agent Mark McCormack did not invent the concept of sports marketing. Near the turn of the century, popular golfers like Walter Hagen, Bobby Jones and Gene Sarazen were pitchmen for many products including cigarettes and liquor.

The selling of products based on the appeal of famous athletes was a well-established practice in American advertising. Arnold, however, was the first athlete to parlay his success in sports into a lucrative corporate empire. No sports figure has been more successfully marketed and promoted or had his name branded and licensed as universally as Palmer.

There are many reasons for Arnold’s unsurpassed marketing success. But at the heart of them all is one simple notion: integrity. "I made clear to Mark McCormack from the beginning that I didn’t feel comfortable pitching a product or service I wouldn’t use or didn’t think was very good. That just seemed dishonest to me and I was pretty sure the public would see right through it," says Arnold. Even more paramount to the unprecedented growth of the Palmer empire was a marketing philosophy developed by McCormack.

Says Arnold, "A brilliant part of Mark’s marketing strategy was never to tie my endorsement of a product to how I was faring on the golf course. ‘Win ads’ were about winning or losing and his aim was never to position me as a ‘winner’ because there always comes a day when a winner no longer wins. Then his appeal, accordingly, dramatically dips." Instead McCormack always focused on success and the human traits people admired most about Arnold the man: his character, endurance, reliability and of course, integrity.

This winning formula has produced a phenomenal track record. Arnold Palmer Enterprises has continuously grown and evolved for over four decades by delivering on a promise of value and honesty. Arnold Palmer licensing, endorsements, and spokesman associations are sought out more than ever on a global basis. Arnold’s commercial partners include some of the most prestigious names in business.

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