Sunday, February 07, 2016

Arnold Palmer Tee

Can I buy Arnold Palmer Tee in bulk?

The largest container size is the one gallon plastic container found in the tea aisle of the supermarket. You can also buy Arizona cans and mix sticks online at

Can I purchase Arnold Palmer Tee online?

Yes! You can now purchase at

How can I get the Arnold Plamer Tee in my grocery store?

If your favorite supermarket or convenience store does not handle the item, then please request it of the store manager. If they know you want it they will carry it.

What is an "Arnold Palmer"?

It is a 50/50 combination of lemonade and iced tea. Mr. Palmer has enjoyed this refreshing combination his whole life. Now you can try the official Arnold Palmer Tee from your local grocery!

Where can I purchase Arnold Palmer Tee?

Single serve cans of Arnold Palmer Tee as well as Plastic Gallon containers, produced by Arizona Tea, can be found at many Supermarkets and Convenience Stores. The dairy product can be found in the refrigerated dairy case of many grocery stores. If you can not locate it, let your local grocer know you would like to see it on the shelves. Please refer to the list of processors closest to your residence and contact them for information on finding the closest retailer carrying the item.


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