Saturday, February 06, 2016
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Palmer Quotes

What other people may find in poetry, I find in the flight of a good drive. -- Arnold Palmer

Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated. --Arnold Palmer

They'd have to carry me out here before they would get me in a golf cart. --Arnold Palmer (when carts were permitted on the Senior Tour for the first time, 1985)

You know your getting old when all the names in your little black book have M.D. after them. --Arnold Palmer

I have a tip that can take five strokes off anyone's game. It's called an eraser. --Arnold Palmer

When I was growing up, they had just found radio. --Arnold Palmer (when asked if he watched much golf on television when he was growing up)

Putting is a fascinating, aggravating, wonderful, terrible and almost incomprehensible part of the game of golf. --Arnold Palmer

Sam Snead will fly anywhere in my plane with me. Sam's not as worried about the danger as he is about saving money. --Arnold Palmer

One thing I've learned over time is, if you hit a golf ball into water, it won't float. --Arnold Palmer

I'd known I'd always play golf; not as a club pro, but in some other capacity. I guess, in some vague way, I pictured myself as a businessman competing in all the top amateur tournaments. But winning the national amateur championship gave me the confidence to do what I really wanted to do with my life. Not only was it one of my produest moments; it led directly to me going out on tour as a professional golfer. And obviously, that led to everything afterward. --Arnold Palmer

When I was in college, I thought about becoming an attorney. But I wasn't smart enough; I hate being cooped up indoors; and I'm too nice a guy. --Arnold Palmer

The only really unplayable lie I can think of is when you're suppose to be playing golf and come home with lipstick on your collar. --Arnold Palmer

I don't look at it as a gamble, really. I just look at it as a harder shot. Why hit a conservative shot? When you miss it, you're in just as much trouble as when you miss a bold one. --Arnold Palmer

Trouble is bad to get into but fun to get out of. If you're in trouble, eighty percent of the time there's a way out. If you can see the ball, you can probably hit it; and if you can hit it, you can move it; and if you can move it, you might be able to knock it in the hole. At least it's fun to try. --Arnold Palmer

Maybe it's because I'm in the rough so much that I get to know them all personally. --Arnold Palmer (on the relationship with his army)

Sam Snead has more money buried underground than I ever made on top. He's got gophers in his backyard that subscribe to Fortune magazine. He's packed more coffee cans than Brazil. --Arnold Palmer

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