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Arnoldpalmer.com is a highly interactive and engaging web experience. Knowing your way around the site will ensure that your time spent here is enjoyable. Below are some key features and elements that you should be aware of.

Global Brand Bar


The global brand bar is found at the top of all of the pages at Arnoldpalmer.com. This brand bar allows you to quickly view other Arnold Palmer websites, view licensee or brand information, and sign up or log on to Arnies Army.


Website Navigation

Navigating the website begins with the main navigation bar. The Arnold Palmer website is full of content that is bound to not only educate, but also engage you as a fan of golf and Arnie himself. The secondary navigation (circled below) is used to find your way around specific sections of the site.


Site Tools


The Site Tools module offers several useful tools at your disposal including:

  • XML Feed - Arnold Palmer content is available per section in various RSS formats. Click this button to access those feeds.
  • Help - Online help tutorials
  • Print Page - Quickly print any page that you are viewing by clicking the print page button
  • Email this Page - Send any page from Arnoldpalmer.com to a friend or colleague
  • Text Size - Change the size of the content in the website to enhance your viewing experience
  • Sitemap - View a sitemap of the entire Arnoldpalmer.com website


Become a Member / Login


Arnie's Army is an exclusive club, and you can become a member, it's Easy! Just click on the "Register" link in the header of any page and enter your information to begin enjoying all of the benefits of being a member of Arnie's Army including access to members only content and subscription to the Arnold Palmer newsletter.


Erez FSI Viewer Instructions



FSI Viewer is navigated by using the menu bar (below the image) and the mouse directly on the image. For example, you can directly select a segment of the image that you want to enlarge. The mouse functions are determined by the 4 buttons on the menu bar (magnify, move etc.). The example on the left shows the button “magnify“.

The small survey window (bottom-right) displays the position of the current selected segment.

In versions other than the standard version these buttons may vary in form, color and even in the general function. For adaptation please refer to the corresponding documentation.

Menu Bar


Back to original view.
Undoes scaling, rotating, moving etc. back to original view.
(identical with space bar)
Zoom in
Zoom out
Mouse - Zoom in
Choose this function to enlarge segments with the mouse. Click on the image and drag the frame over the desired segment.
Alternatively you can click on the image, without marking the segment. The current image segment will then be enlarged in steps. To zoom out in steps, hold down the CTRL-key and click on the image.
Mouse - move
Choose this functions to move the image with the mouse. Click on the image and drag in the desired direction. To return to the original view, hold down the CTRL-key and click on the image.
btn_tilt.jpg Mouse - turn
Choose this function to turn the image around the z-axis. Click on the image and drag in whatever direction you want to turn the object (to the right or the left) To undo turn, hold down the CTRL-key and click on the image.
Mouse - rotate (only for 3D presentations)
Choose this function to rotate the object around the y-axis. Click on the image and drag to the left or to the right. Move the mouse up or down to rotate the object around the x-axis (when possible).
To undo rotation hold down the CTRL-key and click on the image.
Hide/display menu
Displays or hides the operating functions of the viewer.
Displays information about the viewer and refers to a configurable help page.


FSI Viewer and FSI Showcase can also be controlled with the keyboard.
The list below shows which keys have what function. As most function keys are in the Num field, it has to be activated before use.

Key Function
Num 5, spacebar Back to original view
Num 4, left arrow Move to the left
Num 6, right arrow Move to the right
Num 8, up arrow Move up
Num 2, down arrow Move down
Num 1 btn_tilt.jpg Turn around the z-axis to the left
Num 3 btn_tilt.jpg Turn around the z-axis to the right
Num 7 Rotate around the y-axis to the left (3D only)
Num 9 Rotate around the y-axis to the right (3D only)
Num / Rotate around the x-axis upwards (3D only), or for previous view
Num * Rotate around the x-axis downwards (3D only), or for previous view
Num 0 Hide/display menu

Survey Window

  In the survey window you can see a miniature presentation of the whole image. The segment which is currently viewed is framed in red. In the survey window you can change the current segment either by dragging the frame, or by clicking on the desired area of the image.


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